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New domain



We now own the domain also.

All the servers we host are now accessible with both and

The domain also points to this site.





CS2 Servers



We are hosting 3 CS2 servers now!

#1 | Custom Maps

#2 | Wingman

#3 | Competitive



All of them can be found at IP

Server #1 have 40 slots and have a alot of custom maps in the rotation. The collection with the current maprotation can be seen here: Swedish Oldtimers Maprotation

Server #2 runs the standard Wingman maps with 4 slots

Server #3 runs all standard maps and is configured for 16 players.





New website



I decided to play around with the latest Joomla a bit this weekend and it resulted in a new webpage made from scratch. No user accounts or anything was transferred from the old site. Quite unneccessary to make a website again when nobody uses it but I decided to make it live anyways!

As there are no news or articles to fill out the front page with I added Gamer Nexus newsfeed to fill out the space below.